Sunday, May 10, 2015


In today’s highly competitive corporate world where customers are continuously bombarded with countless brand advertisements, staying on top of their mind and winning their heart share is not easy.
While businesses across industries are opting for new methods and mediums to promote their business, there is one traditional marketing tool that still is remains incredibly effective, powerful and more importantly impactful-custom promotional items.
Studies show that promotional products are empirically effective in creating a positive attitude of customers towards the brand and that there is a direct correlation between promotional products and improvement in brand recognition and increase in sales.
The key findings of a study conducted by the BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association) surveying close to 15,000 people, 56 percent of them said that their impression of the company improved after receiving custom designed branded promotional products and that they would like to do business with that company. Now you can easily imagine the impact of promotional items on that company’s business success in terms of customer attraction, retention and business sales.
Let’s take a deeper dive to understand the equation of promotional items to brand success:
1. Improved Brand Recognition
By customizing promotional items like mugs or pens with your brand logo which customers can use in their daily lives you can easily improve your brand recognition and keep your business on top of their minds.
2. Reach out to Masses at Low Cost
For a business to thrive an ongoing customer base is crucial and this is only possible when you have a strong business outreach. With a limited budget, you can never make a strong impact by advertising on mediums like TV. Buying airtime to run your business ads can be extremely expensive. So, then how do you reach out to masses? Well, the best way is hands down promotional items. They offer great value for investment.
Get promotional items custom designed with your brand logo and give them out to people. A simple giveaway can easily increase customer loyalty and as they use your promotional items like pens, umbrella and key rings in public, it will help create brand awareness among your potential customers that too without allocating a huge marketing budget.
3. Create a Better Brand Perception and Provide Higher Likelihood of Recommending Your Brand to Others
Branding promotional items helps build a better brand perception. Branded items look professional, unique and exclusive. It helps make a positive and a long lasting impression on customers. And by wining them over, you eventually increase your chances of winning over their network of friends and colleagues as they recommend and refer your business to them with confidence. Make sense?
So, make sure you include custom promotional items in your marketing strategy. It is a low cost investment with high business returns.
For more information or to choose promotional items, browse through our collection. Get your favourite items customised today and take your business to greater heights.

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